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Our Partners

We have always worked closely with other businesses & organisations who believe that parents don't have to change their lifestyle, taste or values just because they are growing their family.

Like us, they understand the challenges that todays parents and grandparents often face, and realise that in this rapidly changing world we all have a choice - whether it's just shopping instore or online, finding the best products & solutions out there, or doing our bit to improve the world that our kids are growing up in.

We are very fortunate to continue to meet many other companies and charities who share these values. So we have started to list these partners whom we hope can also make your lives easier, offer great products and services you will find useful or who are supporting great initiatives:

PANDAS is a fantastic charity that exists to offer hope, empathy and support for every parent or network affected by perinatal mental illness.

Postnatal depression (PND) is a common problem that occurs after pregnancy and affects more than 1 in 10 women within a year of giving birth. It can also affect dads and partners. PND can present itself in different ways, and many parents don’t realise they have the condition because it can develop gradually over time.

PANDAs has a team of trained and dedicated volunteers who operate a free helpline to provide support and advice with empathy, along with a number of support groups via email & social platforms.

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The Winch


The Winch is an amazing charity based nearby our store in London, and has been working with local young people in Camden and nearby areas for almost 50 years. Their mission is to help local children succeed regardless of their circumstances.

The Winch builds long-term relationships from an early age with children, young people and their families, often facing huge challenges. They work with them as individuals, stand by them as they grow up into adults and show they are in their corner. At its core, the Winch is a place for people to explore their potential, find their purpose, follow ambitions and live the life they deserve.

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 The Bike Club 


The ‘access economy’ has revolutionised the way we travel, eat and consume media, and the time is right for these changes to arrive in the bicycle industry so we've partnered with our friends at The Bike Club to offer our customers access to their subscription based model.

The Bike Club was founded by 2 young parents from London. They thought that there must be a better way to pay for consumer goods than ownership or traditional finance options, and started the company in 2016.

Their subscription-based model – costing between £5 and £15 per month – aims to remove the barriers to cycling by giving children access to great quality bikes from the leading brands, whilst helping to contribute to a healthy and sustainable world. Members can exchange their bike anytime as their child grows, so every bike is recycled and reused.

Since they first brought their flexible monthly subscriptions to the kids’ bike market, they’ve grown to a community of thousands of members, and shipped bikes to the farthest corners of the UK.

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