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October 16, 2021 2 min read

Seven top tips for dealing with toddler tantrums

  1. Keep calm.  It’s understandable to be frustrated but try to remember that you are the grown-up and getting angry will probably not make the situation better. Tantrums are normal. You probably had them yourself and look at you now! Try not to shout back.
  2. Offer a hug... but don’t insist.  Sometimes all that’s needed is a parent’s touch. And a hug will make you feel better, too. If they don’t want a hug from you, maybe they would like to hug their favourite soft toy? 
  1. …or a banana.  “Hangry” isn’t just a silly catchphrase, it’s a real thing. Keep healthy snacks to hand whether at home or when you are out and about.
  1. Empathise:  As a grown up it’s difficult to remember that it’s hard being two, or three… or even five. The world is a complicated place and you’re trying to navigate your way through it in a way that suits grownups. Why can’t you have an ice cream at 10am, or keep playing with the toy even though another child wants it? They are reasonable questions. If you can keep in mind that your child isn’t doing it on purpose, that can help you deal with it.
  2. Distract:  Toddlers can be easily distracted by other things. If you’re away from home, point out a passing doggie, or a bird flying high. If you’re at home, suggest you play a favourite game together,
  1. Remove the child.  If your child’s tantrum is causing potential danger to themselves or other children, consider picking them up and going into a different room, or outside. Stay with them until they calm down.
  2. And finally... don’t worry!It will pass.
Mary Musker
Mary Musker

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